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My goal is to inspire all seniors to know you’re old enough to have a past and young enough to have a future… at any age!  Consider me your investigative journalist on the subject of aging and living longer.  My original lecture series, “The Art of Living Longer” is a curriculum for longevity and provides the latest research and evidence-based science on healthy aging.

But we don’t just want to live longer, we want to be healthy and happy too.  The art of living longer is a multi-pronged approach that encompasses nutrition, moving the body and stress reduction techniques.  All of this is to create a vitality that enables us to take our wisdom and experience back into the world.  Our communities need us.  And each of us  needs the satisfaction of knowing that we have made a difference in the lives of others… each of us needs to know that we matter, that we have a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

My approach is largely based on the research that has come out of the Blue Zones, those places in the world where people live, on average, ten years longer than we do and they have a much greater percentage of centenarians.  The lessons of the five Blue Zones enhanced and supported by leading edge research on what the human body requires for optimum performance.  The science of Epigenetics teaches us that between 80-95% of all disease is lifestyle driven.  Think about that.  80-95%.  From diabetes to dementia & cancer, we know that lifestyle choices either activate or don’t activate our DNA in a way that manifests these illnesses.  Lifestyle choices matter!  We make sure to do the proper maintenance and upkeep on our cars so they won’t break down, but do we pay the same kind of attention to our own body maintenance?  It’s time to realize that you’re in the driver’s seat of your wellness and well-being.  What choices will you make once you know the consequences?

The art of living longer is about going about life mindfully, intentionally making choices in what you eat, how you move and what you think that lead to a healthier, happier you. This third act of life is not an ending, but rather a beginning to a new adventure. I invite you to click through the pages here. You’ll find empowering information on aging and longevity as well as insight in creating a conscious, intentional day to day life of meaning and purpose.

Savvy Seniors are those who are committed to their well-being; to recognizing and taking hold of this glorious time of life that allows for us to continue to learn, grow, enjoy and make a contribution to the world.  I am committed to helping you live into your future because even though you are old enough to have a past, you are still young enough to have a future

Be a Savvy Senior! Eat a balanced and colorful diet. Don’t slow down. Don’t ever stop moving. Recognize that you are part of a greater whole and get involved in a charitable, spiritual (or any) organization that makes your heart sing.  Let’s rock aging together!


“Savvy Senior Services is the culmination of my own search for meaning and purpose. Perhaps it’s
because my own parents died decades ago and I miss being around elders. Perhaps it’s because
from the time I was in my teens, I always loved, and have been attracted to, my elders.
Their wisdom, stories and perspective added color and texture to my world.
I always saw their value, always treasured their perspective.”
Anne Goldberg, The Savvy Senior


Fear of Aging


We’ve been taught that “it’s the end of the line”, “the party’s over”, “now it’s the downhill slide!” Well I, and a considerable amount of research from around the world, adamantly disagree. We now know that the brain is adaptive and can grow new pathways to memories. It’s called neuroplasticity and it is the mechanism in the brain that causes new neural pathways to be formed …and that is how memories are made. When blood is drawn to the brain through learning and, optimally along with some exercise that raises the heart rate, the brain’s response is to build new memories.


Take for example, a dear friend of mine who suffered a stroke at age 65 that caused some cognitive impairment. Some of his memories were literally no longer there, such as how to tie a shoe. While that may sound terrifying, there’s a happy ending here. After four tries at it, my friend created a new neural pathway and now has the ability to tie his shoe just as before.


Just four times and his brain accommodated itself with a new memory!  The implication of this is huge and is largely the reason that I teach computers to seniors. There is always something to learn, something to stimulate one’s mind online. The access to information available on the internet is unprecedented in our lifetime. Now you can learn foreign languages. You can learn to dance or play bridge. You can visit exotic locales even if you can’t get out of bed.

Be a Savvy Senior

Look for ways to stimulate
your brain and move your body.
When it comes to brain health & physical fitness, it is
Use it or Lose it!

Savvy Seniors are old enough to have a past and still young enough to have a future!

“Take the reigns of the future in your hands and intentionally,
consciously lead 
yourself into a life of purpose and meaning
that makes you happy to greet each new day.”

~ Anne Goldberg, The Savvy Senior


Spring is around the corner with its promise of lush greenery and warmer temperatures.  Traditionally, it’s a time of year to begin clearing out winter’s clutter.  Ahh, images of freshness and renewal come to mind when thinking about spring cleaning.  Spring is also a great time to renew your kitchen and go through your cupboards, […]

Does this sound familiar?  You get out of your car with your keys in your hand, pick up the mail, open the front door and then put everything down because the phone starts to ring, or some other distraction takes your attention.  Then, sometime later, when you are ready to leave the house again, you […]

It’s incredible, but 2017 is just around the corner! I know that many of you will be making resolutions about improving your health. This month’s column is about ways you can deepen that commitment with ease. Drink more tea!  In the Blue Zones (the places in the world where people live the longest) tea drinking […]

The Art of Living Longer Curriculum Diet is a Four-Letter Word! by Anne Goldberg, The Savvy Senior We hear so much about food these days. Eat this! No, eat that! Yesterday’s poison is today’s health food and vice versa. How do you sort through all of this to try and figure out what’s the best […]

Irrespective of the changing laws surrounding medical marijuana, there is still a preponderance of people who don’t now, and never will, use these drugs.  The idea of using drugs is simply out of the question.  The irony is that these same people are likely to fall into the median group of Americans who consume about […]

August 26, 2016 The latest health newsletter from Harvard highlights three “trends worth tapping into.” They go on to say these three trends “fall into the ‘beneficial’ category” and are:  Wearing an activity tracker; Shopping at farmer’s markets and Practicing mindfulness. Hmmm, sounds familiar! It’s so interesting how the most recent trends in health are […]

The new norm with regards to nutrition seems to be the ages-old wisdom of Hippocrates: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” The Harvard Medical school newsletter, in “Nutrition 101: Good Eating for Good Health”, makes the clear connection between diet and health. Within all the specifics they discussed, the one point […]

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