Old enough to have a past and young enough to have a future!
Old enough to have a past and young enough to have a future!



~Alan Egenthal, Director, ACE Lifelong Learning Center, Boynton Beach, FL  
“It is with great pride, I write this letter of recommendation for Ms. Anne Goldberg. I have had the opportunity to work closely with Anne during her frequent appearances in the ACE Lifelong Learning Center program at the Mandel JCC in Boynton Beach. She connected so well with the members that I have asked her to join us for each semester of our program. I feel very fortunate that Anne did join the ACE faculty. 

Anne has provided research and outstanding Power Point enhancements within her classes.  The most impressive aspect of Anne and her teaching is her rapport with the audiences. She is able to present information on a focused variety of topics while projecting a composed presence, great sense of humor, and maintaining  a positive learning and entertaining experience. 

 I thoroughly appreciate having Anne on our faculty. With a roster of over three hundred instructors who have presented in the ACE program, Ms. Goldberg has become one of the more popular, as well as one who has been requested by the members and guests for multiple return lectures. Please feel free to contact me should you require more information.” 

Virginia Duggan, Activities Director, East Ridge Retirement Village, Cutler Bay, FL
“Anne is a great instructor.  She is knowledgeable, patient and enthusiastic.  Anne works with our residents at our retirement community introducing and familiaring them with the internet, applications and the latest tech gadgets.  They love her class!”

 Joy Mastrocola, Senior Recreation Programmer – City of Coconut Creek FL
“I want to thank you again for your informative presentation on the Art of Living Longer.  You provided excellent information and the seniors found the talk very interesting.  Having the power point and handout were good additions.  In addition, you truly had positive energy and 
attitude which made the talk even more appealing.  We look forward to working with  you in the future.

August 22, 2017- A recent conversation with a 95-year old man who just sat through Decluttering Your Mind-Choosing to Feel Happy not Crappy:   
Anne: “Did you enjoy the talk?”  Man:  Yes, very much. I just have one question.”  Anne: Yes?   Man: Did it hurt when you fell out of heaven?”

December 6, 2017 – “This was the best lecture I’ve been to yet! I didn’t look at my watch once!”
Betty R., Boca Raton Senior Residence

M.H., Hillsboro Beach, Florida, 82 years of life experience - July 29, 2015 
"I'm happy to recommend Savvy Senior Services and Annie Goldberg. She is thorough in everything she does and personal as well. It's always a joy to work with her. Look at her smile in her photo and it tells more than a thousand words. Caring and patient--that's her!"

C.G., Cutler Bay, Florida - July 17, 2015
"I am taking a computer class at a Retirement Community. which Anne instructs. She is knowledgeable, patient and a good communicator. She also responds well to the individual needs of the class members. You will be more tech savvy after a very few hours with her."

V.D., Activities Director, Cutler Bay, Florida - July 16, 2015
"Anne is a great instructor. She is knowledgeable, patient and enthusiastic. Anne works with our residents at our retirement community introducing and familiarizing them with the internet, applications and the latest tech gadgets. They love her class!

B.E.S., Hollywood, Florida - July 6, 2015, 63 years of life experience
"Anne created a whole new outlook for me regarding technology...  She is so knowledgeable, and a master teacher with patience of a saint.  She taught me ways to simplify and organize my time on the computer. I would recommend her to anyone…she is clear and concise in her instructions."

E.W., Fort Lauderdale, Florida - December 2014, 81 years of life experience
"As a retired Regional Development Director of a national organization, I am writing this letter of recommendation for Anne Goldberg. I have known Anne for ten years and have benefitted from her teaching skills and computer knowledge. As a very patient consultant, she has worked with me on all of my computer projects. She is creative but practical and has completed commitments in a timely fashion. Her upbeat personality is stimulating and contagious."

"Kate GeMeiner, "The Condom Lady" of Broward County - September 2014, 85 years of life experience.
In working with Ms. Goldberg... I have found her to be well-organized, efficient and committed. Recently I hired her to do some much needed technical work on my computer when I decided to buy a new computer. She transferred data to it and then she sets up my new desktop to my directions.  She came into my home and wasted no time... she got to work on the necessary tasks. She walked into a mess and quickly and thoroughly straightened it out. She organized my office like I knew it should be, almost like she was psychic or something. All done quietly and no fuss.  I highly recommend Anne Goldberg for any job with seniors."

Wally Valente, Activities Director, Garden Plaza, Lauderhill, Florida - October 2014
"Ms. Goldberg is truly wonderful addition to Garden Plaza. She is engaging with our residents, is very warmhearted and knows her subject matter very well.  Ms. Goldberg teaches our residents anything and everything about computers and doesn't hesitate to stay the extra time with the residents to get it right and make sure they know the material. We... know that we have a gem in Ms. Goldberg and believe that she would be a great fit wherever she may go as she continues to share herself with the residents no matter what."

Tell Your Story

"Anne is sharp, smart, witty and adorably generous with her talent and time to make the perfect video that communicates your life journey."

H.H., Hillsboro Beach, Florida - June 27, 2015, 72 years of life experience

Organizing & Decluttering

"I am so grateful to Annie and Savvy Senior Services.  My wife of 23 years and I run a business and our lives from our home, and had accumulated a huge amount of . . . stuff . . . that we will never, ever use as long as we have the pleasure of being on God’s green earth. We are both procrastinators and, truth be known, hoarders waiting to happen so . . . Enter Annie. We are thrilled with what she has done with and for us. Because we know how incredibly organized, practical, intelligent and creative she is, we submitted ourselves to her ideas and...allowed her to take a mountain of schmutz into a manageable and tidy home space...the highlight for me is that I was able to locate a stuffed animal that I was given as an infant. Yes, my beloved Dodo is back, all the worse for wear. But, Together Again.  Thank you Savvy Senior Services. We are so grateful that we took the plunge." 
R.H., Plantation Florida, July 29, 2015 - 60 years of life experience


"...she miraculously pinpointed my target market in business, and directed me to websites that could highly benefit me in my marketing efforts. She intuitively fulfilled a serious void in my marketing that even my business coach did not offer.  Her knowledge is priceless. I would recommend her to anyone…she is clear and concise in her instructions." 

B.E.S.,  Hollywood, Florida - July 6, 2015, 62 years of life experience

"Anne is an advocate for me to have the life I deserve, enriching others while fulfilling my dream. Anne you keep me accountable to live at choice."

H.H., Hillsboro Beach, Florida – June 27, 2015, 72 years of life experience