Old enough to have a past and young enough to have a future!
Old enough to have a past and young enough to have a future!

I’ve been teaching technology to seniors in South Florida since 2013. Devoted to helping our older population to understand and use technology to make life better, I bring humor and clarity to the teaching process.

Technology is an incontrovertible part of the 21st Century and you are either on that boat… or you miss it and all the benefits it offers. From entertainment to research to monitoring your heart, technology is ubiquitous. And as time marches forward, technology will insert itself into our daily experience more and more.​

My goal is to inspire my clients to go beyond their fear and take on learning something new. Learning is mental calisthenics and learning technology is a wonderful way to challenge your brain for better cognitive health and improve your life.​

Computer Lessons by a Senior for Seniors.

When learning is enjoyable, it’s easier to remember because you pay more attention. Savvy Senior classes make learning easy & fun because the concepts are presented to you in a way that just makes sense. I relate to your experiences of the 1950’s and on. Growing up, my home in Brooklyn had a single rotary phone in the kitchen (with that annoying curly cord) and a black and white television with rabbit ears in the living room. I learned typing in high school on old fashioned, non-electric typewriter. I relate to your way of doing things… and, I taught myself how to do everything that I teach to you. I completely understand that some things are hard to grasp because the concept is foreign. My gift is that I make all these details and information relatable to you.

Do You Have TMS?

Are you feeling stufficated

from TMS?

Well, you’re not alone! TMS … TOO MUCH STUFF is practically a national epidemic! If we didn’t have so much stuff, the storage business wouldn’t be a billion-dollar-a-year enterprise. TMS shows up in the kitchen, closets, bedrooms, bathrooms and, especially, garages.

So if you have TMS, have no fear the solution is here! I was born to organize. In fact, clutter clearing and organizing are my super powers!  It’s true, I absolutely LOVE to organize things. From closets to cabinets, bathrooms to bedrooms and garages, I love making order out of chaos. Your mess is my challenge and joy. And the benefits of clearing clutter are huge. Creating space where you live gives you space to create something new. Getting rid of the stuff you (and maybe your parents) have had for decades also frees you you to create something new.

If you are living with TMS… too much stuff, call A+ Clutter Clearing and we will help you sort through it and take away those things that you no longer need, want or use. More importantly, we will help you organize and decorate your renewed living space.

My goal is to help you curate your belongings so that only the most important representations, comforts and memories of your life surround you. 

Clear the clutter, clear the mind