Does your smart phone make you feel dumb?

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your smart phone? Well, I understand that. There are times I want to throw my iPhone against the wall, but calm prevails and, I’m lucky because I can usually figure out what went wrong. But you? Who helps you when the phone confounds you? Who helps you when the screen changes because you breathed too hard on the display? Who helps you when it make noises at the most inopportune moments?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I’ve got you. I’ve been teaching tech to seniors 55 – 100 in Lake Worth to Hollywood since 2013. I know how to communicate with you so you understand the theory and logic of this handheld computer that masquerades as a telephone.

Technology is an incontrovertible part of the 21st Century.

You are either on that technology boat… or you miss it and all the benefits it offers. From entertainment to research to monitoring your heart, technology is ubiquitous and useful. And as time marches forward, technology will insert itself into our daily experience more and more.​

Good for the brain!

I will help you go beyond your fear and take on learning something new. Learning is mental calisthenics and the way to keep your brain sharp. Learning technology is a wonderful way to challenge your brain for better cognitive health.​

Computer Lessons by a Senior for Seniors.

Growing up, my home in Brooklyn we had a single rotary phone in the kitchen (with that annoying curly cord) next to the address book and the white and yellow pages. There was often a calendar there and paper to write messages. We had a black and white television with rabbit ears in the living room and learned to type on an old fashioned, non-electric typewriter. Now ALL of that is now in the palm of your hand – literally!

I’m too old to learn!

That’s simply not true. Assuming you have normal cognitive function (meaning you are always forgetting where you put your purse/watch/phone/keys) you can learn. It’s the science of neuroplasticity, meaning the brain grows and shrinks according to stimulation and nourishment, irrespective of one’s age. Learning is the best stimulation and learning something new takes practice. Approaching something new takes a ‘can-do’ attitude. And I believe YOU can do it! I’m a great teacher, but if you don’t practice, your brain will not create that new neural connection that we call a memory.

Be a Savvy Senior! Always keep learning new things and, understand that, in the case of cognitive health, it truly is a case of Use it or Lose it!!

Savvy Senior classes make learning easy & fun. 

It’s much easier to learn with humor. I present the concepts to you in a way that makes sense. I relate to your experiences of the 1950’s and on. I relate to your way of doing things. I completely understand that some things are hard to grasp because the concept is foreign. My gift is that I make all these details and information relatable to you.

Feeling Stufficated with too much stuff?

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“Clear the Clutter, Clear the Mind”

Clear the clutter, clear the mind