Old enough to have a past and young enough to have a future!
Old enough to have a past and young enough to have a future!

Thoughts for the new year…

2015 has been a good year. In the past twelve months I have redefined what I want to offer through Savvy Senior Services and it has become clear that my overarching goal is to raise awareness on the subject of Conscious Aging for all seniors. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Conscious Aging is about aging with awareness and intention.

There is so much I want to share on this subject, so much great information on how you can achieve an extended lifespan with health and happiness.  After all, who wants a long life of suffering? There actually is a formula, so to speak and you can find it all if you want to read through information on the Blue Zones or epigenetics.  Or, you can subscribe to my posts, check out my Facebook and YouTube pages and peruse my website for up-to-date specifics on healthy, conscious aging. I will be delivering great content to you on this subject via short videos, blogs and conferences on “The Art of Living Longer.”

As I write this, I am called to look at my own life and how I apply the principles of conscious aging. Looking at the Blue Zones’ criteria, I definitely belong to the right “tribe”, or community. In my case, it’s a spiritual community that helps me to stay more grounded and allows me to contribute to the greater good… and that is very meaningful to me and gives my life a purpose I never had before.  I also never stop moving. I’m not so much going to the gym, although there are huge benefits to weight lifting and cardio conditioning, I belong more to the group that hardly ever sits down for more than 30 minutes at a time. Walking, lifting, carrying, cooking and more… I keep moving all day long. That’s all to the good. Where I need more practice though, is in the area of doing a better job monitoring my inner voice… and a practice of meditation still eludes me.

So moving into 2016, I am committing to working on my inner life more. How about you? What aspect of longevity will you explore? Your Inner life, or perhaps Eating consciously… making food choices that support a healthy, strong physical body? (Watch for my Savvy Senior Tip of Week video blog for exciting information on healthy eating.) Or, perhaps will you Exercise in a way that creates blood flow to the brain, and in a way that helps you stay flexible with excellent balance? Perhaps you will become an active participant in a spiritual, political or a social community (or tribe, as it’s called in Blue Zone lingo,) so you become committed to something outside of yourself?

There are many tweaks that can be made in your day-to-day routines that will enhance your life. The pursuit of meaning and purpose can fill your life in a way that makes you feel alive.  I now know that my purpose includes providing you with the information so that your 2016 will be a year of great health and fulfillment as you connect with your own purpose and move forward in your life with excitement and meaning.

Together we can truly create the Golden Years. Here’s to a Happy New Year!

Anne Goldberg, The Savvy Senior