tALL artwork genericWelcome to Savvy Senior Services, the home of The Art of Living Longer™ – A Curriculum for a Happier, Healthier Life.  I’m Anne and I am a Savvy Senior! Why? Because I know that I’m old enough to have a past and young enough to have a future and it doesn’t matter how many years of life experience I have. I am committed to living life full out and to helping you do the same. Letting go of the stuff that makes us miserable, choosing to feel happy, not crappy, eating whole foods that nourish our physical bodies, remembering to get up and move  often, and giving our time to help others  are the hallmarks of healthy, happy aging. 

The Art of Living Longer™ is as much a way of life as it is a lecture or conference. It’s about learning how to honor our bodies and nourish them so they are able to perform according to their remarkable design. Think about the work our bones and muscles do. When deprived of the necessary nutrition that fuels them, it’s not surprising that we get aches, pains, muscle and ligament tears, arthritis and so on.

It’s about honoring ourselves and our connections to others and to nature. Quantum Physics has proven time and again that everything is connected. Now is the time for us to reconnect socially – and I don’t mean social networking like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! We humans require human contact to be normal. And, just as importantly, we require a connection to the land too. 

The Art of Living Longer™ is about embracing this adventure and understanding that the clock is ticking. How else can you leave our mark in the world? What else can you contribute? Facing our mortality is a call to wake up and live fully in the time we have. Each day… each breath… is a precious reminder of the joy that is waiting for us. It will take some work to clear the cobwebs of your life and make peace with your demons. This is the work of the conscious elder. Looking back thoughtfully, with insight, as you reframe your dramas and traumas into the events that formed and informed your very nature.

It’s an attitude that embraces the idea that we’re all old enough to have a past and young enough to have a future. Now let’s STAY young enough to have a meaningful and happy future… at ANY age and implement the strategies that lead to a longer, healthier, happier life:

  • Eat clean food, as close to its natural form as possible
  • Don’t stop moving… ever
  • Join, belong & participate in something that gives your life meaning

The Art of Living Longer™ lectures teach the principles of aging consciously as well as the current research, science, tips and tools on how to achieve a healthy, happy, extended lifespan.  

·         Eat clean food, as close to its natural form as possible
·         Don’t stop moving… ever
·         Join, belong & participate in something that gives your life meaning

Aging Consciously as a part of The Art of Living Longer™

This global movement took hold in the 1980’s with the publication of Zalman Schechter-Shalome’s ground-breaking book, “From Aging to Saging: A Profound New Vision of Growing Older” that outlined a new paradigm for seniors… one that includes a recognition that this stage of life offers untold benefits and opportunities to move from being considered ‘old’ to being recognized as ‘elders’. This single shift empowers us to choose to use this time to live purposefully, bringing meaning and purpose to daily activities. Click Here for more on Conscious Aging.

What are Blue Zones?

These are areas around the world where centenarians are common and the average lifespan is years longer than ours Blue Zonehere in the United States. Researcher Dan Buettner made a career studying characteristics of the people around the world who live the longest. He calls these specific areas of the globe Blue Zones.

What fascinates me about his findings are the fundamental commonalities these populations all share are:

  • They eat fresh, clean, unprocessed food
  • Their daily routine involves walking, bending, lifting, carrying and more
  • They have strong family ties and/or they belong to something larger than themselves, part of a community (spiritual or otherwise) in which they are a vital participant/contributor

Eat well, exercise and have meaningful social connections. Savvy Senior classes and lifestyle workshops offer information, tools and tips to help make this your lifestyle… and the computer is a vital part of that equation. You will also receive real solutions to the new territory of aging, along with the information we seniors need to help us stay healthy and strong so we can enjoy our future.

“I am living into my future, not my past and I stand as an example of conscious, healthy aging. The various workshops offered will help you to look at your life differently; in a way that opens new vistas to you in these coming years.”
-Anne Goldberg, Savvy Senior

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 The third act of your life is not destined to be a downward spiral into old age, but rather an upward arc of growth & expansion. And, like anything else, it takes a certain amount of effort – of intention – to create the life you want.

In The Art of Living Longer™, you will learn the latest science, research, tips and tools to help you create a vibrant third act of life. Along with the research, we cover the subject of conscious aging, something critical to our emotional, physical and spiritual health. Conscious Aging includes many aspects of wellness in our pursuit of vital aging. A key component of that is mindfulness. Mindfulness keeps us present, right here, right now. The past is a memory. The future is a promise. The only thing that is real is the here and now. Breathe it in. Take notice of the sounds and smells around you. Feel your feet on the ground or your body on the bed or chair. Keep breathing. Click here and read about Decluttering Your Mind.

The Art of Living Longer™ is also about learning from the cultures in the world that have the greatest longevity. Click Here for a short presentation on Blue Zones by Anne Goldberg, filmed at Independence Hall in Wilton Manors on April 6, 2016. Be a Savvy Senior. Take a lesson from the Blue Zones and make the changes in your lifestyle that will usher in a feeling of being healthy and alive.

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You want to live a long, healthy and happy life. Of course you do! Everyone does. What if I were to tell you that your lifestyle choices are more important to your health than your heredity, and that the development of disease (or lack thereof) is very much in your control? Would you believe me?

The latest research shows just that. The study of epigenetics can be loosely summarized as ‘lifestyle trumps genetics’. Think about that. The lifestyle choices you make can activate or bypass genetic codes for cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more. Fried vs baked food? Sedentary vs active lifestyle? Organic vs chemically treated food?  

Add to that the wisdom found in the Blue Zones research that summarizes the wisdom found in five places on the planet where people simply live longer than we do. Not only do they live longer… they are generally healthier too. 

Now, when we add in the science of neuroplasticity that has shown that any person with reasonable cognitive functioning can and will create new memories, i.e. learn new things is a thrilling predictor of our future. Of course, learning will happen providing two things occur.

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