25"Now more than ever, the saying is true:
You only really die when someone
stops telling your story"
- Christina Baldwin


"After 25 years of doing my show, what I've learned is that what everybody wants is to be seen and heard. They want to know, 'Do I matter? Does what I say mean anything to  you?"Resized smaller.jpg ~ Oprah Winfrey

Why do a video? Or a book? Because you matter.  Your life matters.  Right here, right now in the present and, especially, in the future when your heirs gather to learn about their ancestry, their heritage and what makes each them both connected and unique.  

"While I deeply believe that we are all 
I also believe in the richness of traditions, culture and our unique
family heritage.  
Passing along these details of your life provides the
colorful threads for the tapestry that is family."
 - Anne Goldberg, The Savvy Senior

Tell Your Story is the chance for me to connect with you and create a  legacy that will last for generations to come so that your heirs will have a connection to their past, to their heritage, culture and traditions as well as the wisdom you have accumulated over a lifetime. It's an easy format. We sit and chat and our conversation is recorded. This can be a book or a video and we add your personal videos and still pictures for a truly memorable look at your life. Share your wisdom. Express your dreams for the future of your family.

When you Tell Your Story you leave your values, not your valuables.
Contact Anne to discuss leaving your legacy