Tech Terrified?

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Not a problem!  Whether you don’t even know how to turn a computer on or, if you know a little and want to know more, I will teach you how to use, and be comfortable with, technology.

When learning is enjoyable, it's easier to remember because you pay more attention. Savvy Senior classes make learning easy & fun because the concepts are presented to you in a way that just makes sense. I relate to your experiences of the 1950's and on. Growing up, my home in Brooklyn had a single rotary phone in the kitchen (with that annoying curly cord) and a black and white television with rabbit ears in the living room. I learned typing in high school on old fashioned, non-electric typewriter. I relate to your way of doing things... and, I taught myself how to do everything that I teach to you. I completely understand that some things are hard to grasp because the concept is foreign. My gift is that I make all these details and information relatable to you.

Computer Lessons by a Senior for Seniors.

Are You an Information Junkie?

encyclopediaAnything you might want to learn is available on line.  The internet contains all the information of all the encyclopedias, dictionaries, text books, history books in all the world. There is virtually nothing you can't find on the Internet, and the benefits for your brain and physical health as you age are enormous... providing you commit to getting past your fear and engage your still-active-albeit-a-tad-slower-brain and learn something new!

Yes, it's true we do learn a little slower. So what? Did you know that recent research indicates seniors take longer to remember things because there is literally so much more information in our brains than in the brain of a 20-something? Click here for an article about this from the London Telegraph, January 2014, based on British research.

And think about this... Did you know how to drive a car the second time you got behind the wheel? Of course not. Did you learn complex dances the second time you did them? Of course not! It's the same with technology. It takes practice and repetition.  

The benefits you gain far outweigh the fears that stop you. How do I know? Because I was once terrified too! Technology was foreign and frightening to me. I would get stymied when it didn't react the way I expected it to. But I kept with it, asked for some help, got to learn the basics and realized that I could do it. 

 It all looks foreign, but in truth the concepts are ones that you already know. They are just being used differently. 

Information Junkies

Once you understand how to look for information on the Internet, you can become your own health care advocate by familiarizing yourself with what is going on in your body. If you choose, you can look for alternative, non-pharmaceutical solutions to some of your health issues. You can find out if the wonderful doctor that you've been referred to has an non-responsive staff, or enormous wait times. You can comparison shop for your medications, learn a foreign language and find videos to help you exercise or that reduce stress. And everything you do is challenging your brain. Each time you start a search, you are doing something good for brain health.  

I'm Too Old to Learn

No one is too old to learn. Recent research has definitively shown that when you stop challenging the brain, the brain slows down. However... if you continue to challenge the brain, a process called Neuroplasticity occurs. The brain will create new neural pathways, new memories, when you repeat an activity over and over. As with my 65 year old friend with the stroke that left him unable to tie his shoes, after just four attempts at learning it again, his brain accommodated itself and created a new memory. And my friend ties his own shoes again. 

Our Senior years truly can be golden when we approach them with a commitment to eat well, move our bodies and never stop learning and doing and connecting with others in a meaningful way. With a zest for life, a love of adventure and a desire to make the best of every minute we have here together, we can ride into our senior years strong, fit and ready to take on new challenges.

The Savvy Senior is always learning new things and understands that it truly is a case of Use it or lose it! 

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Individual lessons are $50/hour plus $10 travel over 20 miles from 33433


4 @ one-hour lessons, $45 - Payment in Full required at first lesson (plus $10 travel over 20 miles from 33433)

What Do We Teach?

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PCs, Macs, All smart phones, tablets, readers and digital cameras.

          • Texting, emailing, taking pictures and generally how to use smart phones and tablets
          • E-mailing (including sending & receiving pictures)
          • Create photo albums on your own computer and learn how to edit photographs
          • Create correspondence; organize your files and important information
          • Learn how to shop and find things safely on the internet
          • Using Your GPS
          • Backing up
          • ZOOM & SKYPE 

Specific Classes for Groups and Individuals

          • Computer Basics - A fundamental look at the basic parts of a computer and the logic behind how information is organized (HINT: Think 'file cabinet')
          • Introduction to the Internet - A brief look at its inception and an understanding of how the virtual world works; one of my most popular classes.
          • Personal Financial Software - An overview of various free and paid software for budgets and financial management
          • Connecting with the Grandkids - Essentially an introduction to social networking and why you should be on Facebook
          • What is the Cloud and Why Do I Care? - Explains cloud storage and its benefits; with demonstrations of DROPBOX, I-CLOUD, and GOOGLE DRIVE.
          • Using MS Office - This is a series of classes that will familiarize you with all the basic functions of Word, Excel and/or Power Point
          • Genealogy 101 - An introduction to the free and paid services that help residents research their ancestry and create family trees
          • Using Your Smartphone- Androids and I-phone basics
          • Saving & Backing Up - Very important class on external hard drives, cloud storage, transferring photos 
          • "How Computers Help Me Get & Stay Healthy" (as presented at the AARP May 2015 national convention in Miami)

(Classes are presented with Power Points and Wi-Fi)

I can put together a class on almost any subject, so if there is anything special you want to learn with technology, just ask me.  

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