super organizer womanSome people have superpowers in math or science or language.  Mine happens to be in space management and organizing.  It may sound crazy, but put me in the middle of chaos and I will cheerfully transform the space to one of calm organization.

So if you are looking at moving to a smaller place, or you’ve outgrown your current home and don’t want to move, then I’m the one you want to call. From a room to the whole house, I work wonders.

And, if you are someone who has trouble letting go of things and you find yourself surrounded by a sea of stuff, then I am the answer. I will help you sort through and release things that no longer  have a purpose in your life… and I will do it with compassion and respect.  Contact Anne

When I am decluttering, the goal is to take an unworkable situation and transform it so that the ‘system’ works and you can find what you need when you need it.  You know where they are and they are easily accessible.  Below were three shelves of scarves and the owner could never find the one she wanted easily, and it she never was able to do a quick grab while running out of the house. The way the  scarves and shawls were folded, it was a pain to pull out just one . The middle picture shows just how much was in there and, in the last picture, using boxes she had elsewhere, the finished product is neat and every item can be seen and easily removed.  We got rid of about 20 scarves, either by re gifting or donating.


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The below office/TV room was transformed in just four hours. It truly went from chaos to calm and my client was thrilled.  The basic process is to start in any corner and just go through things. I do the heavy lifting and toting. You sit and go through ‘stuff’ determining what to keep, toss, donate or sell.  At the end of the afternoon, we had one pile of documents to be shredded; one pile of papers that was to be recycled; one pile of trash and a last pile for donation.  I did not have to buy anything for storage. I always prefer to use what you have.