Oct 28 2015 b 600 pxAnne is a powerful and impassioned speaker who is your investigative journalist, providing all the most current science, research, tips and tools to help you create a happy, healthy extended lifespan. She is a proponent of aging consciously and teaches about ways seniors can help bring meaning and purpose to their lives on a daily basis.

Speaking on issues that affect seniors today, Anne’s presentations are interesting, engaging and interactive. Audiences respond to her enthusiasm, humor and warmth.  Each presentation is accompanied by a Power Point, and is peppered with anecdotes, stories and vital information on conscious, healthy aging.  Click Here to contact Anne for speaking.

The Art of Living Longer Lecture Series

This growing body of one-hour lectures is designed to draw attention to, and go deeper with, the ideas presented in Conscious Aging, current science on longevity, Blue Zone Living and the 8 Dimensions of Wellness. Each lecture stands alone in its content and also builds as a body of knowledge as part of the overall series.

  1. “The Art of Living Longer: Live Long, Live Well” – This workshop is an overview of neuroplasticity, epigenetics, Blue Zones and an introduction to Conscious Aging. It touches on these subjects, priming the attendees for the next session. Eye-opening information on aging. 20, 40 and 60 minutes long versions available.
  2. “Epigenetics and What It Means to You” – This one-hour workshop delves deeper into the science of our DNA, teaching the basics of this science that incontrovertibly proves that our lifestyle choices outweigh genetic disposition. Powerful, entertaining and empowering.
  3. “Blue Zones and the 8 Dimensions of Wellness” – One of my most popular lectures, this is an engaging and compelling one-hour presentation that compares the lessons of the Blue Zones and the 8 Dimensions of Wellness.
  4. “Conscious Aging for a Happier Life” – A closer look at the wisdom and lessons from the Conscious Aging movement and how following this can lead to a happier you. 20 minute introductory and 60 minute versions available.
  5. “From Chaos to Calm – Decluttering Your Mind” – I like to think of this as the Zen of Aging, as this one-hour class is a journey into the enormous benefits of bringing mindfulness into our daily activities. If you find yourself looking for your keys, purse, wallet all the time, this class can change your life.
  6. “Food & Healthy Aging, Part 1: Food & Inflammation” – Hippocrates taught, “Let food by they medicine, and medicine be thy food.” It is how I live my life and the results are zero pain from arthritis, psoriasis under control, weight under control along with greater energy and stamina. This first part looks at how food can cause or reduce inflammation in our bodies. Considering that doctors are in agreement that inflammation is at the root of ALL disease, this is a critical curriculum for health.
  7. “Food & Healthy Aging, Part 2: Eating for a Healthy Digestive System” – Mainstream medicine agrees with the ancients that all health begins in the gut and keeping the flora and fauna there in balance is a health goal we should all embrace. This class addresses how to do this with food, probiotics and enzymes.
    AARP presents Anne Goldberg May 16 2015
  8. “How Computers Help You Get & Stay Healthy”” (presented at the AARP national convention May 2015 in Miami.) Fun lecture on how to achieve wellness with your tablet, smart phone, or computer at home, while travelling… there are no limits to the physical, spiritual and cognitive benefits of technology.
  9. “The Benefits of Cognitive Stimulation” provides an understanding of the most recent research on brain health and just what you need to be doing to stay cognitively vital.
  10. “Telling Your Story” because every life matters. This one-hour experiential workshop/lecture will help you tell your stories so future generations have a connection to their roots, to their culture and to their heritage. Storytelling has been a part of human culture since the beginning of time. There is a basic human need to feel that we matter… that our lives matter and that what we say… matters. This class will offer the opportunity to learn how to create your lasting legacy for your heirs.  Bring notebook, laptop, tablet for writing exercises.
  11. “Decluttering – From Chaos to Calm” – When our homes are cluttered, it is a reflection of our inner world. Reducing clutter and clearing your living space of things that root you in the past is a wonderful way to greet this third act of life as a new adventure waiting to be explored. Not only does clutter keep you stuck in the past, it is dangerous and creates tripping and falling hazards.

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Anne is a lecturer for Nova Southeastern University’s Lifelong Learning Institute and has been teaching at Independent Living residences from Cutler Bay to Wellington, including John Knox Village, East Ridge Retirement Village, The Palace in Kendall, Five Star Premiere Living in Hollywood among others.