Oct 28 2015 b 600 pxAnne is a powerful and impassioned speaker on the subject of achieving a happier, healthier life with her original lecture series, “The Art of Living Longer User Manual for Humans™”.  She focuses on the upkeep and maintenance required by the machine that is the body, honed over 200,000 years of evolution, that will help you in achieving peak performance for the longest possible time from these machine that is your body.  The User Manual provides the information on the upkeep and maintenance necessary to reach this goal and includes nutrition, exercise and conscious awareness.

She teaches about how you can bring meaning and purpose to your life on a daily basis. But how you can live into your purpose when you don’t feel well? Staying engaged in life is a requirement for healthy, satisfying aging. That’s why the User Manual is so vitally important. Speaking on issues that affect seniors today, Anne’s presentations are interesting, engaging and interactive. Audiences respond to her enthusiasm, humor and warmth.  Each presentation is accompanied by a Power Point, and is peppered with anecdotes, stories and vital information on conscious, healthy aging.  Click Here to contact Anne for speaking.

The Art of Living Longer™ Lecture Series – A User Manual for Human Beings

All lectures presented by Anne Goldberg, The Savvy Senior, are designed to stand alone or, build one upon the other, creating a curriculum of evidence-based ideas for a happier, healthier life. 


  1. The Art of Living Longer: Live Long, Live Well (20, 45 and 60 minutes)
    An introduction and overview to the ideas presented in the series. This presentation goes a mile wide and an inch deep. Subsequent presentations go an inch wide and a mile deep.
  2. The Science of Aging (60 and 90 minutes)
    An introduction to the science of neuroplasticity and epigenetics that prove, respectively, that even the aging brain can form new neural pathways- new memories; and that lifestyle is more impactful than genetics on our health.
  3. Blue Zones and The 8 Dimensions of Wellness (60 & 90 minutes)
    Insightful and thought-provoking, this presentation compares the wisdom gleaned from two major studies that make an difficult-to-dispute case for the impact of lifestyle on our health.
  4. Telomeres & Longevity: What You Need to Know
    New research offers compelling evidence that our health and longevity are intricately connected with this aspect of our DNA. What does this mean for each of us and how we can take advantage of this information for better health.
  5. NEW!  Vibration Stew – What Kind of Life Are You Cooking?
    This is an introduction to the principles of quantum physics to provide an better understanding of the incontrovertible connection between our thoughts and our health and happiness.


  1. Choosing to Feel Happy Not Crappy (60 minutes)
    The mission of the conscious aging movement is to facilitate elders rather than old people. The studies are clear that we live longer when we are connected to others and have meaning and purpose.  Aging consciously builds on the idea that seniors have the time and opportunity to harvest the wisdom of a lifetime and make an impact on the world in some way that enlivens them.
  2. Decluttering the Mind – (60 minutes) (Choose either Single session or 2-Part Series)
    A fun, interactive, evidence-based presentation on how our thinking impacts our lives.  From physical to psychological health, with benefits such as reduced depression and loneliness, there are a myriad of reasons to declutter our minds.
  3. The Art of Creating Meaning & Purpose(60 minutes)
    Too often retirees feel irrelevant and these feelings can lead to cognitive decline, among other significant health issues. This empowering class shows the research and offers simple exercises to help residents connect with their passion and purpose in order to connect to that which gives meaning to their lives.
  4. Grandparenting in the 21st Century
    A nostalgic look at Grandparenting through the millennia right up to current times with the impact of grandparents on today’s society, economy and culture.
  1. Humor, Laughter & Living Longer
    The research is clear… laughter is good for us! This fun class is a look at the history of humor and a walk with laughter and its myriad health benefits.
  1. NEW! Vibration Stew-What Kind of Life Are You Cooking?
    This is an introduction to the principles of quantum physics to provide an better understanding of the incontrovertible connection between our thoughts and our health and happiness.
  2. COMING SOON! – Tell Your Story Workshop
    We all have stories.  They make up the fabric of who we are and how we think.  Sharing these stories is a way to leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.  But where do you start and how do you organize your thoughts? And, how does it get recorded? This class is about learning to harvest your wisdom and pass it along to your heirs.
  3. NEW! Sex and the Sixties & Beyond
    What is your relationship with sex? Do you want it? Do you have it? Could you live without it? This fun and insightful presentation deals with the social, emotional and physical aspects of sex and seniors.


  1. TMI: Too Much Inflammation (60 minutes)
    The research is clear and incontrovertible: inflammation is at the root of virtually all disease. But what is it really and why is it that it is so harmful?  This important class explains what inflammation is, how it happens to us and the steps we can take to reduce it systemically.
  1. NEW! Is Your Food, Food? (60 minutes)
    The human body can be compared to a machine; one that requires a certain maintenance and upkeep to keep it at peak performance for a long, healthy life. One of the key components of this is nutrition. The body has certain, definite requirements that, when not met, result in breakdowns within the machine. Does what you each truly nourish your physical body? Come to this class and find out. 
  1. NEW! Is Your Food, Food? – Part 2 (60 minutes)
    In this follow-up, we go into how food is grown and/or raised and the health implications of factory-farmed animal products and conventional agriculture on our health – specifically heart and brain health.
  2. You Are What You Eat: Part 1 – Food, Inflammation & Health(60 and 90 minutes)
    This telling presentation shows the connection between food and inflammation,
    known to be the cause of all disease.
  3. You Are What You Eat: Part 2 – Your Health, Your Gut(60 and 90 minutes)
    With 70% of our immune systems in the gut, doctors are beginning to understand that our health begins with our digestive system and that disease is a function of an unhealthy gut. This class explains some of the science behind it and offers easy steps to create a healthier digestive tract for a stronger immune system.
  4. You Are What You Eat: Part 3 – Natural Antihistamines and Allergy Control
    (60 and 90 minutes) 

    A wonderful continuation of eating to reduce inflammation, this class focuses on strengthening the immune system and successfully fighting allergies through food and supplements.
  5. NEW! The Cognition Edition – Five Strategies for Better Brain Health (60 minutes)
    Research substantiates that brain health, in part, depends on including certain foods, habits and lifestyle. This is a fun and informative look at the brain’s requirements for its health.
  1. NEW! Where’s the Beef?
    America has had a love affair with beef for scores of years, yet the latest research is clear that animal protein should be a small part of our nutritional intake. Yet the human body requires protein. What to do? This informative program explains why it’s better to find other sources of protein and offers reasonable, delicious alternatives to beef, lamb, pork & poultry, including recipes.
  1. COMING SOON: French Fries: A Weapon of Mass Destruction?
    Recent research suggests that those who eat fried potatoes 1 – 3 times/week will die earlier than those who don’t!  What?  Is our food poisoning us?  This important lecture delves into the impact of food and lifestyle on our health – with a healthy dose of fun. 

SAVVY SENIOR COMPUTER CLASSES – Technology classes for the reluctant!

  • “Ask Anne” – an open-ended class designed to answer residents questions on smart phones, tablets (Apple or Android) and computers (PC or Mac.) This class also focuses on how to use the Internet safely.1
  • 12-week Curriculum on Smart Phones and Tablets – All the basics plus more ways this technology helps to keep you connected to loved ones and your brain active and healthy.
  • Elder Tech Talk – Co-Presented with Sherry Picker of Paradise Home Health, this fun and interactive class teaches how to use, really use, the Internet. From surfing safely to using Uber, Pandora, Google and so much more.
  • How Computers Can Help You Get and Stay Healthy – Presented at the AARP National Conference in Miami, 2014
  • MS Office – Word, Excel Power Point


  1. NEW! Rhythm & Jews: The Jewish Influence on Jazz Music (60 minutes)
    A surprising and fun look at the influence of Jewish musical and political influence in the development of jazz from the mid-1800’s, with plenty of music videos from the era, this is a favorite.
  2. NEW! From the Bible to the Borscht Belt: A Look at Jews & Humor (60 minutes)
    Humor has been a part of the Jewish spirit for the millennia. Enjoy history blended with videos for a laugh-filled journey through memory lane.
  3. Israeli Innovations (60 minutes)
    Bringing all the latest technological advances from Israel. This is a favorite too.


  1. Savvy Senior Laughter Club
    A perfect way to pass an hour laughing with friends – old and new. Through jokes we tell each other (yes, attendees are asked to bring a joke or funny story), hilarious videos and jokes I provide, the group gets the enormous benefits of hardy laughter.
  2. Savvy Senior Socials
    A gathering for the sole purpose of connecting with others and creating community. These socials offer guided activities so no one feels left out, ignored or unspoken to and are always designed to create laughter and a good time. Is it dating? Sure. Is it networking? Why not?