Anne is a powerful and impassioned speaker on the subject of achieving a happier, healthier life with her original lecture series, “The Art of Living Longer User Manual for Humans™”.  Each edu-taining presentation focuses on the upkeep and maintenance required by the machine that is the body, honed over 200,000 years of evolution.  Each offers useful tips, tools and details to help achieve peak performance for the longest possible time from the machine that is your body.  

Anne teaches that haveing a purpose is vital to health and happiness, but how you can live into your purpose when you don’t feel well?  Staying engaged in life is a requirement for healthy, satisfying aging.  That’s why the User Manual is so vitally important.  Speaking on issues that affect seniors today,  Anne’s presentations are interesting, engaging and interactive. Audiences respond to her enthusiasm, humor and warmth.  Each presentation is accompanied by a Power Point, and is peppered with anecdotes, stories and vital information on conscious, healthy aging.  Click Here to contact Anne for speaking.

“I attended your presentation at the library, yesterday. You inspired me.  It was a Sunday afternoon hour very well spent. You impressed me with your flawless preparation and your sense of fun in delivering your message.”
Thank you. (E. Steffenson, Boca Raton, Fl, Sep 2019)

“I was spellbound by the good, useful information I was able to pick up.”
(E. Toder, Boynton Beach, FL Mar 2019)

“Love her topics and how Ann expresses herself. Love her classes and will attend many more. Love it so much am speaking to everyone that I meet as she made a positive difference in my life.”
(L. Bourque, Century Village, Deerfield Beach, FL  April 2019)

The Art of Living Longer™ Lecture Series – A User Manual for Human Beings

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