Anne Goldberg, The Savvy Senior


Anne Goldberg, The Savvy Senior

I was born and raised in Sheepshead Bay, a corner of Brooklyn near the water. Summers were spent at Brighton Beach, with blankets and folding chairs, hot knishes & cold soda. Although in reality it was more like cold knishes and hot soda, we indulged and we didn’t mind the sand that found its way into our mouths, or that the warm foamy soda was spilling out of our lips. Brooklyn was a small town back then. I took my Barbie doll in the shiny, fake black patent leather case and walked to my friend’s apartments or to the candy store that was a few blocks away.  I was little, 6 - 7 years old.  It was safe.  I especially remember catching fireflies in the summer.  We’d put them in glass jars until their lights faded away and they lay lifeless.

I graduated from Brooklyn College as an early childhood educator and taught 2nd grade for a while until I settled into a 23-year career as an executive recruiter for actuaries. I lived in New York until 1985 when I departed for a nine month adventure traveling to 18 countries on my own. I returned to the U.S. in October 1986 and relocated to Florida where I married and had two sons who are the joy of my heart. I continued recruiting until 1999, sold the business and spent time raising my kids. In 2007 I reentered the workforce, again recruiting, only this time in the green sector. My specialty was Water Resources. I was building a book of business until everything crashed in 2009. From there, I had a variety of jobs until one day in 2013, I was out of ideas and so I surrendered.  It was a powerful moment in which I let go of the idea that I knew what was best for me. That information lived somewhere else.  I paid attention to the signs. It took just under two weeks… six seniors I know called and said, “I heard you teach the computer. Can you please help me?” I had not advertised that.  And so The Savvy Senior was born.

I like to say that I don’t work for a living… I get to play and have fun every day.  Teaching computers, writing classes and workshops, helping boomers seniors to declutter fills me with purpose.  It is my mission to help seniors everywhere find the same fulfillment in their lives. Savvy Senior Services is the culmination of my own search for meaning and purpose.  How can I serve you?

Savvy Seniors are old enough to have a past and young enough to have a future.